Our Mission: "Giving kids opportunities to help themselves by helping others." 

What is Bridge Volunteering?

Volunteer event at Gigi's Playhouse

Bridge is a volunteer center for teens of Middleton High School. Volunteer opportunities throughout the city and surrounding areas of Madison are sought out, arranged and managed for the students.  Kids can access and sign up for these opportunities at the center or on this website.  The opportunities range from hands-on, engaging, feel good events, to outdoor clean up projects, to "working hands" projects at the center which all better our community. 

Why Volunteering? 

"We at Bridge believe in taking a proactive approach to teens and mental health. Our hope is that by giving kids a sense of purpose and increasing confidence, they will have tools to lead a healthy life. We strive for kids to find connections, friendships and passions through giving. We plan to do this through volunteering."

    Why a space?

The Boys and Girls Club serves over 7500 kids in the area. 

Middleton youth center has a capacity

of 50 kids-everyday there is a waiting list. 

Jesus lunch has over 500 kids attend. 

*Bridge Volunteering is not affiliated with these organizations.

Other important information

~Students at Middleton High School need 40 hours of service learning as a graduation requirement.

~Each adult involved with Bridge is a strategically hand picked individual who is positive, energetic and caring.

~Bridge is a pilot program that is willing to adapt and change to meet the needs of the participants. 

~Bridge records and submits the hours to the school for you.